Lenny Kravitz live in concert at Inforum 2018, Washington DC

Human Potential

This year’s Inforum will focus on the theme of Human Potential and explore the limitless possibility of human achievement. It exposes new ways to tap into more human capabilities through the innovation of science and technology.

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) is changing the way that humans think, act, feel, work, and play by allowing a person or group to do much more with the time that we have—spending it more wisely by doing the same tasks more efficiently, or using the time we’ve saved to do things we couldn’t do otherwise.

In addition, A.I. is helping us make quicker, more accurate decisions to greatly improve our efficiency and productivity, and begin to ‘solve the unsolvable’, tackling problems once thought to be impossible. Inforum welcomes some well-known thought leaders to help us investigate this topic.

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Are you gonna go my way?

We’re excited to have Lenny Kravitz perform a private concert just for Inforum attendees.

Register today and join us in Washington, DC, at Inforum and be part of this exclusive concert. The Inforum house is gonna rock!

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