LN Cloud Conversation – 2 hour special

15:00 PM – 17:00 PM CET on Thursday, Oct 15 2020

Infor participantsBram Vijfhuizen , Marcel van Schaik, and Peter Romeijn

Host: LN-Baan North America User Group

Event Home Page: https://www.lnnaug.org/events-underway/ln-cloud-conversation-2-hour-special

Birds of a Feather: LN Cloud

We recently had powerful customer spotlights with Andersen Corporation and SWM International where they shared the challenges and benefits they have experienced with their cloud journey. The feedback from those sessions has been strong and we definitely want to keep the conversation going!

At the same time, one of our long range goals has been the formation of a program for special interest groups organized around specific domain areas that we have referred to as „Birds of a Feather.“ The idea is to have a facilitated open mic platform where customers can engage in deep discussions that typically don’t fit into the one hour webinar time format. We believe that the cloud topic might be an excellent opportunity to „give it a try“

This virtual event combines these two goals into one 2-hour event that is available to ALL customers!

First item on the agenda is the LN Cloud Road Map. We’ll take a short five minute break after that and roll into open mic where cloud customers can share their top priority pain point and solutions they have discovered along the way. Issues are to be documented and shared with Infor.

Register today and join the conversation.